June 8, 2017

TIO 8: Healthy homes w building biologist Deanne Hislop

Ever wondered if where you live/work is making you unwell, the reason for your tiredness, chronic fatigue, sinusitis or headache to name a few? Ever wonder why you feel better away from the home? From moldy aircons, new building materials, phone towers and allergens to stagnant energy – there are so many factors that can compromise our health. Learn all about it on this weeks episode of The Inspired Optimist Podcast with building biologist Deanne Hilslop.

Deanne is a certified Building Biologist and practitioner member of the Australasian Society of Building Biologists. She practices through Western and South Australia and runs numerous workshops and seminars from beginner to practitioner level. She is also the founder of www.geo-harmon.org where she practices geobiology/geomancy and energetic healings.