February 10, 2017

THE 25: The Slow Health Movement with Madison Black

This is one ripper episode that you will not want to miss (gosh that makes me sound like a salesperson doesn’t it?)! Seriously though, I have listened to the recording three times and am still not bored with it. Madison Black is a gal on a mission to make health relatable, achievable, loveable and a progression, rather than a “quick-fix” or “band-wagon”. Her and her fiancé Rory (he is a Personal Trainer) have started their own business called Slow Health, where they use social media (they’ve got a podcast in the works too so watch this space) to share the message that health can be fun, easy and the best thing you ever look into.

In this fun episode, we talk about everything! Movement, body image (from both ends of the spectrum), food (of course!), how to ease into the health the gentle way (there’s even a hashtag #Yoslow as opposed to #YOLO) and a few bits and bobs in between. Madison has such a down-to-earth approach to health and we became instant besties over the recording (yep, we’d never met before and now it feels like we’re old friends … so hopefully you get that vibe too).

Sometimes we just need some easy listening with just the right balance of light-heartedness and information. Tune in and prepare to be refreshed by Madison’s wisdom beyond her years!

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