December 30, 2016

THE 22: Getting Philosophical with Fouad Kassab

What a treat I have for you this fortnight lovely ones!!! 90 whole minutes of wisdom and a-ha’s from one of Australia’s best kept secrets. Found Kassab is one inspirational man. Overcoming the adversity of growing up in a war-torn country (the stuff that us Aussie kids could only imagine in our worst nightmares!), Fouad came to live in Australia in 2001 where he began studies in software engineering, having already begun studying English Literature and Biology back home. Living away from home for the first time, he had to learn how to cook and this sparked a life-long passion for whole, nourishing, wild foods.

It was this passion that eventually helped Fouad change the direction of his health and his happiness. Growing up in the midst of a civil war, not only was he born into a stressful lifestyle, but he didn’t have access to quality food (but rather food aid … think bleached white wheat flour, canola oil, sugar, ultra processed cheese and spam … yes lovely ones, all the foods we love to hate on here at Healthy Exception HQ) or even the medical care he needed (he was given repeat prescriptions for antibiotics for most of his life, just to avoid hospitalisation as hospitals were bomb targets (crazy right? The closest we’ve probably come to that sort of scenario is watching Mockingjay Part 1).

This left Fouad overweight and fatigued with debilitating inflammation that caused him lots of skin problems. Once his first daughter was born, he realised that something had to change and after reading a thought-provoking article in the New York Times, he changed his diet (and as a chef, this wasn’t too hard as he could easily invent recipes that catered to his new eating habits). He lost weight, regained energy and slowly saw changes in his skin – something he’d been struggling with since his childhood and had been told was “genetic” and “there was nothing he could do about it”.

Fouad is so much more than his health journey though and from here we discuss some of the exciting projects he’s been involved in, his upcoming cookbook with Jo from episode 20 and go down a bit of a rabbit hole of philosophy where we talk about getting back to a empowered and free lifestyle with less stress and more passion.

I had a smile on my face for the entire podcast recording and I hope you love the end product as much as we loved bringing it to you.

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