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THE 09: That Immune Episode

Episode 09
01, Jul, 2016
}39 Minutes

Show Notes

It’s well and truly winter and there’s no denying it, so mamma bear and I thought we better do an episode all about the immune system – especially considering the gut series is continuing and 70% of the immune system is located in the gut! We talk illness prevention, the importance of stopping to rest, why suppression those inconvenient symptoms might be counterproductive in a lot of cases, nursing yourself back to health and finally we give a quick synopsis of what auto-immunity is (and why you do NOT want it!!!). The take home; don’t wait until you get sick to start looking after yourself. Be the healthy exception and start today, who know??? You might go a whole winter season without so much as a sniffle. Big hugs and enjoy lovely ones.

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What happens when a young woman gets sick whilst trying to conform to society’s unnatural and damaging lifestyle? She decides that she’s going to start doing the exact opposite of everyone else around her (and have an absolute ball doing so!).

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