Shiny Healthy You

Close your eyes for a moment and imagine…

Waking up and feeling ready to face the day... with a smile.
Having more energy for your partner and kids (or furkids!).
Fitting into your jeans and feeling good about your body.
Knowing what to eat, and enjoying your food - without guilt.
And best of all… feeling relaxed, happy and in control of your health.
It’s all possible. I will show you how.

Get ready to live a happy, healthy, wholefood life with Shiny Healthy You – a straight-talking natural health show, brought to you by a qualified naturopath (yay!).

Together we will discuss the most up to date news, products and information. We will find out what works… and what doesn’t. We will explore ways to reduce stress, prevent adrenal fatigue, overcome chronic illness and create a life where you can thrive again. I will chat with inspiring wellness industry leaders and we will endeavour to answer your most burning health questions. And all in a fun, non-judgemental, non-overwhelming way (with a few laughs thrown in!).

Welcome to a place where you can heal, grow and find your shine again.

Want to know more? Check out my website at and while you’re there, grab my FREE guide to healing your adrenals.

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