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RMP 9: Beyond Paleo with Irena Macri

Episode 9
17, May, 2017
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Show Notes

I met this week’s guest, Irena Macri about 5 years ago at a paleo meet up group, around the time she had just launched her website, Eat Drink Paleo. As mentioned in this episode, small things can turn into big things, and this is exactly what has happened over the years with Eat Drink Paleo going from a small food blog to a global community and business.

Irena has become one of the resident paleo food bloggers in this space with a balanced approach that goes beyond what the label of paleo is largely perceived as today.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Dropping the label and going beyond paleo
  • Culture and travel influences in cooking
  • Nutrition and medicine properties of herbs and spices
  • Tips for turning your passion for food and health into a business
  • The importance of disconnecting from technology
  • Lots more!

Guest info

Irena Macri is an internationally published cookbook author, food blogger and nature lover. She draws on her love of world cuisines and all-natural ingredients to produce delicious recipes that promote wellness and longevity. She’s the force behind the Happy Body Formula, a 9-week paleo and real food program, and her personal food blog Eat Drink Paleo, where she shares her mouth-watering paleo and gluten-free recipes. Irena’s an avid traveller, rock climber, hiker, yogi and beach lover. She is an Aussie but is currently based in London, UK.

Find Irena at:




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