April 26, 2017

RMP 6: The Deeper Philosophy of Paleo and Ancestral Living with Lucy

This week’s show is with yours truly… me!

Depending on who you speak to, there are many different shades of paleo. For me, switching to an ancestral, paleo-style approach to eating and living around 6 years ago has resulted in great health benefits and a trip down the rabbit hole of conscious living. Today I continue to approach health and life with this as part of my philosophy (minus the label), as I have found it to be sustainable and an extremely helpful navigational tool to guide me.

Not only has it taken me from learning about and looking at how we were designed to live as humans through nutrition, sleep, movement, our environment and many other lifestyle factors of health… my journey then naturally progressed towards a continuous quest of asking, “What else? What is this life? Who am I? What is our nature?”… All of which are valuable life lessons. I am deeply grateful for the many amazing insights I have gained from walking down this path, which is why I decided to do an episode on this specifically, even though I have let go of the identity of it over time.

In this episode, I give an overview of lessons from paleo, including:

  • What it taught me about being human
  • What it means to me as a life philosophy
  • How it taught me to question more than just food
  • Realising we are part of a bigger picture ecosystem
  • Paleo as a tool to unlearn, re-educate and reconnect
  • And more!

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