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RMP 5: Navigating the Health Space and Musings About Life with Natalie Bourke

Episode 5
19, Apr, 2017
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Show Notes

It’s common in our world today to be confused about all the conflicting health advice out there, who to believe and how to approach navigating this space. It’s also just as common to find people who have experienced health issues themselves, after which they walk down the path of helping others. This is exactly what Natalie Bourke has done, which is greatly valuable in our world today. When you’ve already been through similar struggles, it gives you the ability to understand and empathise with what others may be going through, how they may feel, and can enable you to connect with and help people on a deeper level.

In this episode we discuss:

  • What to look for when navigating through the health space
  • Having a philosophy to guide you (including what Nat’s health and life philosophies are)
  • Nat’s approach with her own clients
  • The importance of acknowledging the spiritual aspect of life and something greater than you
  • Other life musings!

Nat is a holistic dietitian and nutritionist, certified fitness instructor, yogi, speaker and podcaster. She runs an online nutritional consulting business with a clinical focus on “adrenal fatigue” (HPA Axis Dysregulation), thyroid dysfunction, gut issues and hormonal imbalances. She also works in a technical education role for one of Australia’s leading nutraceutical companies and spends many of her days buried in research papers.

Nat is passionate about teaching women how to build a healthy relationship with food and their body, and uses a functional medicine and a holistic approach to get to the bottom of her patient’s symptoms to provide lasting results. She is also the author of an awesome e-book on gut health, Healing Digestive Discomfort.

You can find Nat at:

Podcast: The Holistic Nutritionists or on iTunes


Book a consultation: or email [email protected]

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