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RMP 4: A Deep Dive on the Quirky Side with Jo Whitton

Episode 4
12, Apr, 2017
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Show Notes

From the outside looking in, it’s easy to see how beautiful, supportive and engaged the Quirky Cooking community is. This is a clear reflection of the lovely Jo Whitton, who initially set out to just connect with people and share recipes… and now look what’s happened! You can’t help but feel inspired by Jo’s down to earth and humble approach that shows just simply being your authentic self, doing what you love and giving (not selling) to people is such a powerful and beautiful way to “work” and live. Listen in as we discuss:

  • Lessons from healing on the GAPS protocol
  • How it’s not about being “perfect” with all your food choices
  • Home schooling – what to consider and how valuable it has been for Jo’s family
  • Tips for turning your passion for health and food into a thriving community and business
  • Lots more!

Jo Whitton is a food blogger, author and speaker from Far North Queensland, who runs her business mostly from home, and also travels nationally and internationally to teach about food for healing. Jo’s love for cooking began at a very young age, and she began experimenting with allergy friendly cooking as a young mum due to her own and her family’s food intolerances.

Her business began with her blog, Quirky Cooking, in December 2008, where she started sharing her recipes and tips for healthy cooking. Her first cookbook, Quirky Cooking, was published in May 2014, and quickly became a best seller. In early 2016 she began working with Fouad Kassab, wholefood chef and food writer, and they have just released their first cookbook together, ‘Life-Changing Food’.

Jo and her family have successfully used the GAPS diet to help her son Isaac heal from anxiety, depression and OCD. They saw amazing improvements not only in Isaac’s health and wellbeing, but also in their whole family’s health. Jo has become very dedicated to helping her readers learn to use food for healing and has an online program to teach cooking for the GAPS Intro diet called ‘Quirky Cooking for Gut Health’.

As well as her blog and books, Jo hosts a podcast with Fouad called ‘A Quirky Journey’, runs various online support groups, regularly speaks at seminars around Australia and overseas, on podcasts, radio and online webinars, teaches private and public cooking classes, answers questions from readers on social media daily, and is an ambassador for the MINDD Foundation.

You can find Jo at:


*Just Google “Quirky”

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