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RMP 32: Susanne Feld on Wholeness, Meeting Life and Letting Yourself Be As You Are

Episode 32
05, Jan, 2018
}86 Minutes

Show Notes

What would it be like to let ourselves just be as we are? How can we tune into and feel the wholeness of our being? What would it feel like to embody the love that we are and really meet ourselves and the world? How can we love our judgement and our fear? Don’t miss the beautiful heart and wisdom of Susanne as we dive into all this and more.

In this episode we discuss:
• The Alexander Technique and Gestalt Therapy
• Wholeness/consciousness
• The body
• Touch
• Meeting life and letting yourself be as you are
• Plenty more!

Guest info:
Susanne’s work has developed from different modalities and her interest in the multi-dimensionality of our beings. Formed through twenty years of study and ten years of teaching the Alexander Technique, her practice also draws on her training as a Gestalt therapist and a background as a sound artist / professional musician, trainings with Michaela Boehm and other teachers in the field of embodiment practices.

Susanne supports people to reconnect and ground themselves in their bodies, and therefore in their lives. It is a process of centring, establishing a sense of freedom throughout the whole being, and naturally augmenting the sense of presence and aliveness. Through conscious touch and verbal guidance and exploration, tension and contraction is being transformed into aliveness and softness as the body remembers its natural, free and grounded state.
To be able to serve even more people around the globe, she created guided meditations and an online course ~ Connected ~ which assists you on your path of finding your way back home to self-love and inner peace; your true nature, so that you can act in your life with ease, clarity and joy, feeling connected to your body, and trusting your heart and inner knowingness.
Susanne has been co-faciliating the Zentrum für Alexander-Technik in Berlin Mitte for 10 years now, alongside a practice of one on one sessions and workshops. She also co-facilitates retreats for women and musicians in beautiful places in nature together with other therapists and teachers.
In the first three months of 2018, Susanne will be travelling and also facilitating sessions in Melbourne, Sydney and Bali.
She loves writing poetry and writing with her pen brush. … and creating sound art.

Find Susanne at:
Website and “Connected” course:

Mentioned in the show:
Michaela Boehm
Alexander Technique

Photography – Ralf Hiemisch

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