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RMP 28: Dr Louis and Susan Chan on Holistic Dentistry & How Breathing Influences Our Microbiome, Body Structure and Health

Episode 28
08, Nov, 2017
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Show Notes

What does dental health have to do with breathing, sleep, gut health, the structure of our feet and our overall health….? A lot actually. The state of a person’s dental health is a good indication of overall health. The human body is a whole system that is intimately connected and each part of the whole affects everything else.

This week’s guests, Holistic Dentists Dr Louis and Susan Chan from My Dental Care and the TMJ & Sleep Therapy Centre, have a holistic view of health that includes looking at nutrition, sleep, movement, gut health and many other facets of lifestyle, in addition to looking at underlying causes of health complaints seen in many of their patients. We cover quite a lot in this episode, including the following:

  • What is Holistic Dentistry?
  • How breathing influences our Microbiome, our body’s structural health and overall health
  • What’s with mercury, fluoride and root canals?
  • The sleep, dental health and gut health connection
  • Plenty more!

Guest info: 

Dr. Louis Chan has extensive training and experience in orthopaedic orthodontics, neuromuscular full mouth reconstructions, dental sleep medicine and temporomandibular joint disorders (TMD). He is not only passionate about correcting bite, but also breathing, sleeping and eating right.

His desire to help and educate more people suffering from chronic headaches, sleep and breathing disorders resulted in opening the TMJ & Sleep Therapy Centre of Sydney. Louis and his dentist wife Susan believe that an integrative approach with other health practitioners is important for holistic treatment outcomes.

Mentioned in the show: 

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