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RMP 25: Lyn McLean from EMR Australia on Wireless Technology, Electromagnetic Radiation and Our Health

Episode 25
27, Sep, 2017
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Show Notes

This may be one of the most important shows I do when it comes to our health. This information applies to all of us.

Could our electronic and wireless devices be detrimental to our health?? In a time where technology has been built into our culture, and for the younger generation is all that is known, it has become extremely important to become aware that, even though there are many upsides to modern technology, it doesn’t come without risks to our health. The health of us, all living beings and our environment (which really are one and the same).

Lyn McLean from EMR Australia is spreading the message of the health effects of electromagnetic radiation from all the devices in our lives, whether it be mobile phones, microwaves, power lines, baby monitors, computers, wi-fi modems, lights, electrical wiring in our homes and more.

It is by no means about getting rid of our devices and disengaging from the world. Instead, the underlying message here is safe, responsible and smart use of technology to minimise exposure and therefore also minimising risks to our health.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Electromagnetic fields from nature vs man-made artificial electromagnetic fields from our devices
  • Sources of electromagnetic fields (EMF), electromagnetic radiation (EMR) and wireless frequencies
  • Health effects of exposure to electromagnetic radiation
  • How to minimise exposure and use our devices as safely as possible
  • Children and technology
  • So much more!

Some quick and simple tips for smart use to minimise EMR exposure…. There are many more discussed in this episode, so check it out to find out why and how!

  • Avoid carrying mobile phones on the body or near the head – use speaker phone, hands-free and flight mode where possible.
  • Avoid sleeping with the phone next to the head or under the pillow. Best practice is to not sleep with any electronics in the bedroom. If one must have a phone in the room, consider using flight mode so that the wi-fi and radiation are not emitted from the device.
  • Turn off the wi-fi modem when not in use, and especially at night when sleeping

To get a copy of Lyn’s new book, “Wireless-Wise Families”, you can head to this link.

Find Lyn at:

Facebook: @emraustralia

Sign up on the website to the EMR Australia newsletter for free to receive up to date information on all things EMR and EMF.

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