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RMP 22: Karina Pupo on Empowering the Wild and Coming Home to Ourselves

Episode 22
16, Aug, 2017
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Show Notes

This week I had the absolute pleasure of chatting with one of my wonderful yoga teachers and friends, Karina Pupo from  about life, love, yoga teaching and empowerment of the self. Get a deep insight into Karina, how she suffered through mental health, how she got to the other side and the realisations about life and love that not only helped her get through it, but formed the foundation for who she is today. This was powerful, magical and so much fun!

Karina is a born-teacher, a talented, beautiful soul with a huge heart, and embodies so much awesome!

What would happen if we let go of the perception of ourselves? Can we heal the world around us by looking within? What does life look like through the lens of love?? Listen in as we discuss all this, as well as the following:

  • The inner journey of coming home to ourselves
  • The teacher-student yoga experience as “what we can learn together”
  • Rewilding and Empowering the Wild
  • Healing through sound vibration
  • Plenty more!

Stay tuned for a surprise at the end of this episode…

Guest info
Karina has a Bachelor of Education in Human Movement, Health Education from Sydney University. She has completed two 200hr Foundational Yoga Teacher Trainings with Absolute Yoga Academy and HYA Yoga Studios & Academy and a 100hr Yin Yoga Teacher Training with Sarah Owen & Janine Leagh. Karina teaches Power Yoga, Hot Yoga and Dynamic Flow Yoga and Yin Yoga.

She has 12 years experience in the health and education industry, with a background in welfare and mental health. Her passion is evident in her teaching and in the energy she brings out in others. Karina has developed a workshop titled Empowering the Wild, incorporating yoga, breath work and sound vibration in the one space, empowering those who partake in these workshops to let go of what is blocking them to stand in their power. “I believe in an empowered society; the more people out there living their purpose, the better off we are as a community whole.”

Find Karina at:
Website: and
Instagram: @theyogamovement
Facebook: @theyogamovement

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