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RMP 21: Fouad Kassab on Reconnecting with our True Nature

Episode 21
09, Aug, 2017
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Show Notes

This week’s conversation was released back in episode #2. There’s so much valuable information in here from this episode’s guest, that I’m bringing it back, just in case you missed it!

What does life look like through an ancestral lens? How connected are we to nature, ourselves and each other? What does it mean to look within and really know ourselves? What is our true nature? How can herbal medicine be incorporated into our diets and help to heal us?

Don’t miss Fouad’s beautiful heart and incredible wisdom as we discuss all this and more.

Foo is a dear friend and brother of mine who I’ve known for years. From the first day we met, it was like chatting with a reflection of ourselves, or a long, lost friend. Over the years and until this day, we seem to be walking mirror paths on our journeys, always coming to similar perspectives and ways of seeing the world in many areas of health and life. He is a fellow philosophy geek, writer and poet – just some of the commonalities we share, plus plenty more that you will hear in this episode.

Guest info: 

Fouad is a wholefoods chef and writer who grew up in Lebanon during the peak of the civil war, at a time where real food wasn’t always easy to come by. His diet consisted of refined foods such as sugar, white flour, processed dairy and other processed carbohydrate products. To top that off he also took antibiotics for many years and struggled with being overweight and chronically ill for much of his life.

One of the turning points was coming across an article in 2011 by science writer Gary Taubes on the role that sugar and processed carbohydrates plays in obesity and illness (not calories or fat as we are commonly told). This influenced a shift and challenged Fouad to let go of what he thought he knew to be true about weight loss, food and health. He decided to change the way he ate to a whole foods, low carbohydrate, paleo-style approach which has resulted in restoring his health, including a by-product of losing more than 30kgs and clearing up many health issues that he dealt with for so long.

As Fouad progressed along his life journey, he found himself pondering and asking the bigger questions about life, such as:

“Who am I?”
“How do I get to know myself better?”
“What is this human experience?”
“What is our nature?”
“Why are we here?”… and so on. Listen in to hear more of his story on the show…

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Website: and and



Fouad’s cook book, Life Changing Food in collaboration with Jo Whitton from Quirky Cooking is available for order here.

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