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RMP 20: Janine Leagh on Tantric Philosophy, Consciousness and Yoga from the Inside Out

Episode 20
02, Aug, 2017
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Show Notes

This week on the podcast I chat with the Mother Earth of HYA YOGA​ herself, Janine Leagh; >a wonderful, generous, loving soul and master yoga facilitator.

Yoga teaching… What a beautiful way to help others come home to themselves. This is exactly what Janine has dedicated many years of her life to. The world of yoga and yoga philosophy allows us freedom to explore, get to know and understand ourselves more, in this human experience, and to realise the truest part of our nature (one is not separate from the other – it’s all one and the same). The most intimate knowing of this nature is the felt sense and awareness of our own existence/being; something common to all of us, which we can discover if we look within.

This episode goes deep and big picture! Here’s what we touched on:

  • The Tantric Philosophy of Yoga
  • What is consciousness?
  • Duality and Non-duality
  • Truth, experience and true knowing
  • Yoga Asana – The outer form as an expression of internal freedom
  • Lots more!

Guest info

Janine Leagh is a Facilitator of the Yoga experience and founder of the HYA Yoga Studios and Training Academy. A former British National athlete and coach with a Bachelor of Science Honours degree, Janine has been teaching yoga, coaching and presenting around the world for over 20 years. Now living in South Sydney, Janine and her husband Chris are both dedicated to bringing the art of transformational Yoga, living philosophy and fluid movement to the community through Body-Mind practices.

Find Janine at:
Instagram: @hyayoga
Facebook: @hyayoga

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