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RMP 17: Getting to Know Lucy Lichtenstein – Self Inquiry, Heart Wisdom, Tribe, Nature, Wildness

Episode 17
12, Jul, 2017
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Show Notes

Lucy: If I could sum up life’s journey in one sentence, it would be this…. Rediscovering our default state of health, bliss, love and true happiness is a continuous journey of being open, being curious and being willing to realise our truth and reconnect to our nature.

This week’s show is something a little different… Lucy gets on the other side of the mic, while her dear friend, Daniela Mallozzi turns the tables and interviews Lucy… going further into what makes her the person she is today. If you want to get to know Lucy on a deeper level, her experiences and views about life, tune into this episode!!!

In this conversation, we ponder and discuss:

  • The many layers of the (and Lucy’s) philosophy in life
  • Lucy’s rapid heart-opening, consciousness-expanding journey of the past year
  • Exploring the wild and tribal parts of our nature, and the importance of community
  • Lucy’s thoughts on reconnecting and some ways to do this
  • Two truths that Lucy believes to be true about life through her own experience
  • Plenty more!

Find Lucy at:
Facebook: @reconnected,me

Find Daniela at:
Contact Daniela for more info or to book a treatment (phone/Skype coaching sessions also available)
Email: [email protected]
Phone contact: 0422 719 352

Mentioned in the show

Lucy’s poems/writings

Lucy’s inspirations and teachers in health, life and spirituality

Daniela’s earlier appearances on the Podcast

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