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RMP 14: Dany Anderson talks Lifting Through Emotional Barriers and Healing Depression with Love

Episode 14
21, Jun, 2017
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Show Notes

Strengthening yourself from the inside out is just one of the many insights shared in this conversation with my beautiful friend Dany Anderson. Hear how Dany experienced depression earlier in life, how she learned to love it and heal from it. Plus, what if there was more to the fitness world than just how you look or how much you can lift? (like heart, kindness, love, health)

Dany is an incredibly strong and inspiring woman. She never ceases to amaze me with her wisdom and grounded-ness, in a world that could very easily send you the opposite way.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Dany’s experience with healing depression
  • Using the gym (or your chosen activity or practice) to work through emotional barriers and develop both outer and inner strength
  • Two truths that Dany believes about life through her own experience
  • Love, and more!!

Guest info
Danyelle Anderson is extremely passionate about the health and fitness industry. She is a life coach, NLP Master practitioner, author, depression survivor, fitness model competitor and is currently completing a Bachelor of Health Science specialising in Nutrition and Naturopathy.

Dany is also passionate about promoting holistic health as this is what saved her from her challenges at a younger age. Dany believes holistic health including nutrition, natural healing therapies, fitness and a positive mindset can completely transform life for the better. She has learnt much of what she knows through first-hand experience and hopes to help others through passing on her learnings.

Find Dany at:

Mentioned in the show

  • Examples of depression and inflammation research:


  • Dr Kelly Brogan:

o   A Mind of Your Own book
o   The Serotonin Myth podcast
o   A Mind of Your Own podcast

  • Louise Hay:

o   You Can Heal Your Life book
o   You Can Heal Your Life documentary

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