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RMP 13: Lucy Lichtenstein talks Sleep Nutrition – Part 2

Episode 13
14, Jun, 2017
}20 Minutes

Show Notes

This week’s episode is part 2 of Sleep Nutrition. If you didn’t hear last week’s show, I recommend heading there first as it will give you a good foundation and understanding before I share some practical tips for you here.

This episode is not only for those of you who don’t sleep well. It is also for those who may find that you sleep just fine, but still want to optimize your health. There is always room for improvement.

What can we do to improve or optimize sleep? There are two parts to this. The environment that we sleep in and the practices that we have.

In this episode, I discuss:

  • Simple strategies to optimize your sleep environment and creating a ritual and practices around sleep
  • Why setting yourself up for great sleep starts in the morning hours when you wake up and how sunshine and natural light can help
  • FREE Blue light filter apps that you can install on your phone and computer to block artificial light that not only impacts sleep, but overall health
  • Sleep quality and caffeine
  • Using candlelight instead of artificial lights in the evening after dark
  • How gratitude can help you sleep…. And more!

Some other points to consider…

  • Mentally and emotionally, having our phones within arm’s reach so we can roll over first thing in the morning and get on social media or email, can very easily set us up for a day that starts with reaction, seeking for validation, stress and distraction… rather than intention, presence, calmness and awareness. How would you prefer to start the day?
  • Some people will say that they can still fall asleep after looking at devices before bed and sleep fine. The blue light from our devices suppresses our melatonin (our sleep hormone and a potent anti-oxidant, anti-cancer compound), among other things. This can hinder us getting the deep, restorative and reparative sleep that there is potential for. Plus, less protection against health issues and less resilience for health.
  • Would you put a microwave oven underneath your pillow or next to your bed? Me neither. But that’s essentially what we are doing when we put our phone under our pillow or next to our head while we are sleeping. The wi-fi frequencies and radiation that are emitted from our devices are problematic to our physiology. The analogy of an aeroplane is helpful to explain this. Most of us are aware at certain points of a flight we are told to switch off our electronic devices so we don’t interrupt the functioning of the plane. We are electro-magnetic beings and the same applies to the functioning of our bodies, except that we don’t seem to have boundaries for responsible and intentional use.

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