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RMP 12: Lucy Lichtenstein talks Sleep Nutrition – Part 1

Episode 12
07, Jun, 2017
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Show Notes

This week I geek out on one of my favourite topics, the fascinating state we all have in common… sleep and its importance for health and healing. Sleep is something that is regarded as a nuisance in our society where productivity and working yourself to the ground is part of the culture, and staying up late most or all of the time is “normal”. But what health costs does this come with over time?

Quality, restful sleep in alignment with nature’s cycles is a biological human health requirement. Think of it as a nutrient for health. There is SO MUCH more that’s going on when we sleep that we know about or might like to pay attention to.

The consequences… Well, let’s just say health is so much more than nutrition, movement and mindset. Those seem to be the top 3 things that are looked at, but it’s only part of the equation and I propose that sleep deserves a front seat and a place in every consultation, program, workshop and conversation about health. Without even having to know the details, we all know what it feels like when we don’t sleep well, and it ain’t pretty. The key is what happens as an accumulation over time.

In this episode, I discuss:

  • My sleep story, the challenges I’ve had with sleep and how it’s become one of my greatest areas of study, education and experience
  • Why sleep is so important for health and what happens when we sleep
  • Sleep quantity vs sleep quality and sleep timing
  • Honouring nature’s cycles of the sun and moon and your circadian rhythms (internal body clock)
  • Sleep, melatonin and circadian rhythms vs artificial light and modern technology
  • Potential health outcomes for chronic sleep deprivation

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