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RMP 11: Amy Lenehan is Looking at Life Through Eyes of Love

Episode 11
31, May, 2017
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Show Notes

What does life look like through eyes of love? What if we just let our life unfold before us, instead of trying to project or control it? What if we tuned in and noticed the beautiful synchronicities that are happening around us all the time?

This was such a fun episode for me. Amy is a dear friend of mine and has a huge heart and beautiful soul. I’m excited to share one of the many awesome conversations we’ve had… This time we hit the play button so you can join us along the way! ?

In this episode, we ponder and discuss:

  • Seeing the world with eyes of love, instead of eyes of fear
  • The beauty of synchronicity
  • Yoga – what it means to Amy
  • Self-love and staying true to yourself
  • Trusting in and surrendering to the process of life…. and lots more!

Guest info

Amy is eternally curious, a creative artist, conceptual designer, yoga teacher, energy healer, psychic, Hypnotherapist, NLP practitioner and self-love advocate. She is most passionate about surrendering to the natural unfolding of life, connection to all that is, our ability to intuitively self-heal and exploring her fascination of human beings.

Amy believes experientially, not intellectually, that peace comes from within, “as within, so without”. Helping others to explore their unique inner landscapes to gain purpose, peace, engagement and belonging in their life, through mind, body and spirit.

“Understanding the laws of nature and our ability to flow with the river instead of swim upstream against the current through self-realisation can be an incredible tool for people who feel as though they are always struggling. This is what I want to offer people; a toolbox to deeply surrender to their life and to recreate and peel back in areas that don’t seem to unfold naturally, so life becomes a dance of ease and grace”

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