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RFR 163: The Root Causes of SIBO & the Influence of Food Fears, Stress & Anxiety with Angela Pifer, SIBO Guru

Episode 163
15, Mar, 2018
}53 Minutes

Show Notes

In Episode 163 of The Real Food Reel we are joined by Angela Pifer, a functional medicine nutrition and health expert, and an accomplished speaker and radio personality. Her 25 years in the health and fitness industry and the past 12 years as a Functional Medicine Nutritionist focusing in the areas of digestive health, functional gut disorders, thyroid, autoimmune and SIBO (small intestine bacterial overgrowth), have earned Angela recognition as the go-to gut expert. In today’s episode we explore SIBO, why Angela prefers the term small intestinal bowel overgrowth, the potential causes of SIBO and how SIBO is a secondary condition and must be treated in this way. We you will learn the significance of food fears, stress and anxiety and so much more.

Learn more from Angela including her published work here:

The first commercially available low FODMAP bone broth (US only):

Follow Angela online:

- Facebook: Angela Pifer Functional Medicine Nutritionist

- Instagram: @gutrxgurus

- Twitter: AngelaPiferCN

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