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NTM 280: Scarcity patterning and financial literacy with Jodie Nolan

Episode 280
03, Nov, 2020
}83 Minutes

Show Notes

In so many areas of our life, raising children is an opportunity to raise ourselves – and so this week we focus on money and motherhood, sharing with you the wisdom and insights of Economist, Senior Financial Adviser and Author Jodie Nolan. With courage and heart, Jodie openly shares her challenges, life lessons, and financial nous with us, reminding us just how powerful mothers are in shaping the financial literacy of the next generation, through the actions we take today.

Jodie Nolan, Economist, Senior Financial Adviser & Author
Jodie Nolan has been called one of Australia’s most admired and respected financial advisers. With a Masters in Applied Finance, Jodie is a best-selling author, financial commentator and owner of financial advice firm EQUIS Group Wealth Management. Her passion for money matters, small business and talent for communicating the often-arduous jargon, has made her highly sought after for various business groups as a speaker and trusted financial adviser to her clients.

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