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MA 6: Recognising the next right step – Part 3: how do we take the next right step

Episode 6
11, Jan, 2018
}12 Minutes

Show Notes

Ideas are great but without the right strategy the idea will either never get off the ground or can take you off track really quickly from the bigger vision and mission that was talked about in part 1 of the mini series.

In this, the last of the 3 part series in learning how to take the next right step in your business (or life) Kerry D and Dr M look at how important it is to have strategy and have a plan.

When looking at how to take the right next step - the first thing is assess what results are you trying to achieve? Unless we know the outcomes we’re looking for (and these are tangible, measurable outcomes not the greater, longer-term vision talked about previously) how do we know whether we’ve achieved them and whether our project has been successful?

Everything has a time, energy or resource cost but so often we don’t think about this when thinking about the next step to take. There may be a number of directions / tasks / projects that we could take but running them through the criteria of time, energy and resources needed also allows us to start understanding whether it is the next RIGHT step RIGHT now. It could be something that needs to be done a little later down the track when a few other levers have been pulled or a few other things put in place and pushed forward.

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