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MA 29: Frustration to Fruition – Part 2

Episode 29
29, Nov, 2018
}15 Minutes

Show Notes

In the 2nd of their 3 part series, the Momentum Architects are sharing some big news about the future.

Part 1 was all about how the Momentum Architects was born from a weekend of frustration and misaligned expectations.

Part 2 delves into the nugget of gold that was planted though and why that one workshop session became an absolute game changer both personally and professionally for both Dr M and Kerry D.

Because…it was at this weekend where they discovered the CliftonStengths assessment - far from your typical ‘personality test’ this gave a deep, practical, action-based understanding of how to leverage their strengths to gain exponential growth in business and in life.

Remember…global change really does start with individual momentum.

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