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MA 18: Are you playing your own game?

Episode 18
28, Jun, 2018
}18 Minutes

Show Notes

In this HUGE TOPIC episode, Dr M and Kerry D discuss beliefs and life design and whether you’re playing your own ‘game of life’ or someone else’s?

It’s all too easy to fall into the trap of trying to achieve someone else’s goals rather than your own be that a business coach, parent, spouse, or even the next door neighbour.

Dr M talks about even when running a very successful business, because her goals were not matching to what the business coach she had at the time was telling her she should be doing, she was left feeling like she had failed. And Kerry D discusses the first 3 years in business where she was often miserable because everyone was telling her she needed to go in a direction that she really didn’t want to go in.

So how can we define our own world and make sure that the life we are designing is the life that we truly want, and not someone else’s idea.

Because don’t forget…your individual momentum really can impact global change.

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