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MA 15: Is it time to ‘reflect and renew’ your WHY?

Episode 15
17, May, 2018
}19 Minutes

Show Notes

In this episode The Momentum Architects delve into their strategies for making sure what they’re currently working on is still aligned with their greater vision and their ‘why’.

Should we be checking in on the bigger picture weekly? Monthly? Quarterly? Annually? And what exactly should we be checking on?

We often put things on our to-do list that are based on other peoples’ priorities – there are always going to be times when this is the case, but how do we make sure that we can get back on track and working on the things that truly matter to us and push us forward.

Everyone is different and knowing and appreciating this can really help when tracking our bigger vision and then how we break this down into projects that work towards it.

So remember, global change really does start with individual momentum.

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