Rebecca and Jane delve into heavy psychic-spiritual territory with this look at life, death, reincarnation, soul contracts, life purpose and spirit guides. Discussions include how to talk to the universe (and why it’s so important that you do so), and how psychics can help you better understand your core motivations and deeply buried fears and phobias.

2 thoughts on “LL 25: How to Talk to the Universe

  1. Jane McLeod

    Oh my gosh ladies- I just wanted you to keep on talking! It’s funny I alway ask my angels to get me a parking space but I’ve never thought to ask for guidance in anything else- until now! Thank you so much

  2. janedonovan

    Hi Jane, thank you for your lovely post and how exciting for you now to have a whole team working with you to achieve whatever your heart desires. Have fun connecting with them and manifesting. Jane x

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