March 9, 2017

KBS 53: The Work Episode w’ Dr Laurence Tham & Nic Laidlaw

Why do we work. Is it just about the money? Is it just a distraction, a thing we’ve been told we have to do to become “successful” or is it just to be “busy”. Work is an interesting topic, I think, especially in today’s fast changing economic landscape.

From our early ages, throughout school and university, if you went, we’re shaped and moulded and taught to go out and become another cog in the economy. Sure, creativity is encouraged in some areas, inidivudality is a hip term right now, and being unique is seen as cool, but when it comes to the tests and the reports and the scores and the job interview, results are what we think about most. How well did person X fit into their system or hierarchy at school, uni or their last job, and will they easily fit here…

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