February 9, 2017

KBS 51: Depression, Anxiety & The Mediterranean Diet

One of the most powerful listens you’ll hear all week. I guarantee it. In today’s episode we talk all about depression and mental health. According to statistics, 13% of Australians experience mental health challenges such as depression, anxiety or behavioural issues.

In today’s fast-paced world, struggling mentally, struggling to maintain an even, steady emotional health can be quite challenging. This is quite an appropriate episode for me at the moment, with the stress of moving house, shifting gear in and out of cars, living in an airbnb waiting for our house to be ready has been a pretty awkward and pressing time.

I speak with 3 experts; Nic Laidlaw (@balancedstudio), David Nixon (ddnix) and Dr Andrea Huddleston (@_thewellnesswomen) all about the mental health equation.

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