January 26, 2017

KBS 50: Social Media: Good, Bad, Or Ugly?

Social media can be overwhelming. In a world where pace is often a measurement of success – social media quite often leads them all. But the stark realities of a civilisation constantly spending time, essentially, looking in the mirror, can have some dire consequences. In fact, as reported by The Guardian, a study released in 2015 showed social media use during the evenings could be damaging the sleep quality of teenagers, alongside increasing their risk of developing depression and anxiety. Research shows that 1/5 of high school students actually wake in the middle of the night and check their social media.

In this episode I chat with @malissafedele, @ddnix and @rawkarma – 3 Gen Y social media stars who all have their own unique opinion on whether or not social can be a good or bad thing!

This is our new show format – we’ll be exploring plenty of awesome topics this way in 2017!! Can’t wait to share the journey with you! Please share this episode if you loved it! 🙂

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