January 26, 2017

ITCM 114: Lowering Your Expectations

Are your expectations so high and your pain tolerance so low that you continually find yourself stressed, unhappy and unfulfilled? Do you currently find yourself transitioning out of a role or a job that you’ve been doing for so long that you now worry you have nothing to contribute to the “real” world.

Join us today as we discuss these matters and the lessons learned from Laurence’s recent whirlwind trip to Japan and his experiences at the US Military base Camp Zama.

We share incredible insights from Joe DeSena (think Spartan Race) and give a massive shout out to Phil Randazzo who is the creator of American Dream U. If you haven’t heard of them or the work they are doing then you definitely need to listen to this podcast!

We all have something inside us to give, yet we are often scared to shine our light. We question “Who Am I” when really we should ask “Who Am I Not to? ” Enjoy!

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