June 28, 2017

HSW 38: Sugar Cravings and Sleep Deprivation

One of the most common struggles I hear from my shift working clients is this ongoing, relentless craving for sugar!

But why is that? Why are shift workers notorious for craving (and eating) all of the sweet stuff – the highly refined carbohydrates that are neither good for our insides or our waistline?!

Well it all comes back to sleep deprivation, so in this episode I will be shedding the light on how lack of sleep effects our brain function, and how one chemical in particular, which causes us to seek out and eat foods which are high in sugar, is much higher in those who are sleep deprived.

In order to help keep our blood sugar levels stable and banish those sugar cravings, I share some of the best foods to eat along with a few specific meal options that can be implemented into any type of shift.

Happy listening!

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