Vikki Kelly




Vikki Kelly offers over 20 years experience in mindset development and training.
She juggles a variety of roles including being a mum of three fabulous children, a business owner, a friend, a director, a speaker and a lover of life experience.

Vikki understands ‘first hand’ how the demands of a busy life can affect our ability to thrive in any area. Her background in positive psychology including hypnotherapy, meditation and linguistics combined with her passion to benefit as many lives as possible through the power of ‘paying attention’(mindfulness) inspires her to create programs and presentations not only for personal mastery but also for the greater good .

The information Vikki shares includes a unique and insightful fusion between traditional meditation principles, modern day mindfulness, and the latest in research and development in this emerging science. This unique blend earned Vikki a place on the TEDx stage, where she is amongst one of the first
speakers invited to speak on principles and practice of mindfulness.

She combines her ideas in an entertaining and insightful ways to provide simple, proven and highly effective tools and strategies that will transform the way you think about how you live, love, parent and serve.