Shalome Stone




A generous and stimulating communicator, Shalome Stone creates succulent platforms to share inspired birth wisdom, bust through birthing stereotypes, and raise the vibration around birth.

The Founder of the Rockstar Birth Magazine, Shalome has a desire to shift the birthing scene from its focus on statistics and fear-mongering, to a place of respect, integrity, and woman-centered sacred encounters.

With the creation of Rockstar Birth Radio, Shalome shares rich stories and inspired insights through her captivating and energetic exchanges with birthing women and experts from around the world.

Through her own hospital and home birth experiences, Shalome came to realise that the power we need to birth does not come from a due date, or a medical intervention. It comes from deep within. From a place of sacred cycles, of inner knowing, and from the womb wisdom of the generations of women who birthed before us.

Sharing birth stories of every flavour, Shalome crafts connections that inspire questions, agitate for change and cause her audience to pause and reflect on their own unique birthing journeys.