Lucy Lichtenstein

Health and lifestyle writer, recipe developer, podcaster and a health coach in-training.



I am a Sydney-based health and lifestyle writer, recipe developer, podcaster and a health coach in-training. Around 6 years ago I switched to an ancestral, paleo-style approach to eating and living, which has resulted in great health benefits and a trip down the rabbit hole of conscious living. I continue to approach health and life with this as part of my philosophy as I have found it to be sustainable and an extremely helpful navigational tool to guide me.

Life has gifted me experience in a variety of areas, including spending plenty of time travelling, living and volunteering overseas, unfinished studies of Nutritional Medicine, freelance writing and dabbling in business on and off. I am currently studying with Changing Habits Functional Nutrition Academy.

I’ve been immersed in the health and food space for about 6 years, helping people on a regular basis with nutrition and lifestyle tips, healthier food option ideas, sleep issues, the importance of gut and immune system health, and more. I am a sleep geek and have a key interest in sleeping for health.

My journey has taken me from looking at how we were designed to live as humans through nutrition, sleep, movement, our environment and many other lifestyle factors of health, to what naturally progressed towards a continuous journey of asking, “What else?”…. “What is this life? Who am I? What is our nature?”… And so on… as you will find out on the podcast and my website.

I find it a pleasure to share my experiences with the intention of helping and inspiring others to live life in a state of health, bliss, love and happiness.