Leanne Anders




I live in a picturesque town of Bright, Victoria. Surrounded by mountains and rivers, with my husband, 3 dynamic kids, our dog and chickens, we live a Primal, nature balanced, active country lifestyle.

Two of my children have a rare genetic metabolic disorder called BH4 Responsive PKU (their body is unable to metabolise phenylalanine an amino acid in protein. They were among some of the first in Australia to have access to Kuvan, which activates the enzyme to breakdown phenylalanine). Through careful monitoring and regular blood testing, we have transitioned from a medical diet, to a real food diet that is close to restriction free. Through this journey, I have become self- educated in many areas of health and wellness. Knowledge has become one of my biggest values and have completed the Expert Certification in the Primal Blueprint and I am currently enrolled in the Changing Habits Nutrition Course.

I like to explore ways to nurture who we are as individuals, what health and wellbeing mean to us and the rituals we can bring in to our lives to support our values. I want to empower my children to take responsibility for their own wellbeing. As a parent I look for strategies to adapt and grow with my kids and create a sustainable growth mindset within each of them. I encourage open ended play, exploring their own curiosity and risk management skills to help them become freethinking, creative, healthy, nature connected, leaders of tomorrow and choose a lifestyle that nurtures the way their body and mind is designed to function.

My website and Facebook page Primal Mum, is our journey and what inspires me to be the best mum I can be and help others find the information they need, that applies to them, so they can be the best they can be. I believe we do the best we can with the knowledge and understanding we have at the time, so when we know better, we can do better.