Lauren Heys

Founder, Velvet Sledgehammer, Moxxi Group.



Lauren Heys is the founder and the leading life coach of Moxxi, a business designed to create a movement of successful, healthy and happy women. Lauren works with female executives, entrepreneurs and natural born leaders to define their purpose, passion and values, to embrace their natural feminine talents and design their own success.

Lauren started Moxxi after watching women all over the world juggling their many roles while sacrificing their true passions and their health. With a pedigree in international consulting Lauren has worked with Accenture and Ernst & Young on large scale IT implementations and change programs. She has also worked with an international aid organisation and was responsible for implementing an IT system through Asia and the Pacific.

When Lauren isn’t working, she’s pushing her personal boundaries with challenges such as 24 hour mountainbike races and 7 day ocean rowing marathons – she’s always open to suggestions, do you have one?