Karen Tham

Mother, Wife & Podcast Host



Karen is a mother of 2 and a self proclaimed decorator, homemaker and cookie maker. With a passion to travel, a flair for stories (i.e. exaggerations) and degrees in Business and Science (Chiropractic) Karen loves to share her thoughts, insights and behind the scene secrets with her listeners.

Delighted with home stores, all things that glitter and anything pretty Karen strives to make the world a more beautiful place. With a splash of paint, a web buy or two, she is transforming the lives of those she loves and improving Laurence’s wardrobe one outfit at a time!

When Karen’s not busy ironing, making dinner or playing chauffeur she co-hosts Inside the Champions Mind with her partner in crime and husband Laurence. The couple delve into all aspects that help us become champions in Life, Love and Legacy. Drawing on everyday examples the couple shares their real life stories in a funny, raw and light hearted way.