Dave Nixon

Founder, Coaching Director, Functional Fitness Australia



Having worked and managed gyms since the age of 18, Dave decided to venture out on his own to fill a void that he felt was lacking in the fitness industry. From this, Functional Fitness Australia was born back in February 2011.

During this time, Dave has had the opportunity to train, coach and work with over 4000 people. Dave believes that a gym shouldn’t be a monotonous sterile market for “healthy” people but rather some type of wicked hybrid mix of a playground and a classroom. It is his ability to draw upon this experience that makes him a leading coach in the industry.

With a clear vision of increasing the Nation’s health IQ, Dave is set on educating people to understand not only the importance of developing functional movement patterns, but also why, and how, we self-sabotage our own ability to achieve success and optimal health.