Clare Crew

Educator, Child Development Consultant, Mum



Clare Crew is a teacher on a mission. And that is to get more children thriving!
She is an Early Childhood Educator, who believes that too many children are missing the basic building blocks, needed in order to reach their full potential.

Early in her teaching career, Clare felt overwhelmed by the task of meeting the diverse learning needs of the students in her classroom. And despite attaining a Masters Degree in Special Education, she still felt that she was missing a piece of the puzzle.

Why were so many children finding it hard to follow instructions? To sit still for short periods? To organise their belongings? To interact safely and respectfully with their peers? To feel confident? To keep up in the academic world?

She eventually found her answers in the field of neuro development, and now specialises in the connection between movement, learning and the brain. Her three children have been great guinea pigs!

Clare’s business with heart, Thriving Children, empowers parents and teachers with real-life strategies for supporting children’s success. Based in Adelaide, she runs Professional Development workshops for educators and offers individual sessions for children experiencing developmental delays and challenges.