Cindra Banks

Business coach, podcast host and writer



Cindra has always had a way with words and enjoys sharing these (and others) on the two podcasts she co-hosts, The Empowered Entrepreneurs Show (right here on The Wellness Couch) and On Life.

Her background is journalism and media studies, followed by an Advanced Diploma in Music Industry Business, where Cindra formed a PR and marketing company for Australian independent musicians, as well as writing for several music review sites and magazines.

She has a sharp sense for editing, a brain full of inspiring ideas and a heart ready to pour love into whatever creative project comes her way.

Cindra especially loves interviewing inspiring people, writing creative copy and producing engaging social media content, all of which she has had years of experience in.

Apart from tapping words into her beloved Mac, Cindra’s passions lie in teaching yoga (with co-host Cat at Two Feet Yoga) and empowering wellness entrepreneurs through business coaching with The Empowered Entrepreneurs. She is inspired by travel and fuelled by good coffee and raw chocolate!