Shelley Mckenzie

Shelley Mckenzie is qualified Nutritionist, and soon to be Naturopath, passionate about using food first to heal the body. She hopes that by sharing knowledge and passion, she will inspire you to make healthy and positive changes in all areas of your life.

Shelley practises nutrition out of Vida Lifestyles in Sandringham Melbourne, alongside the amazing Dr Damian Kristof and co-host Dr Jess Naughton. She also offers comprehensive online wellness programs as well as a popular blog, where she creates and shares three healthy recipes a week to help you on your journey.

After experiencing her own sudden health storm in 2013, leading to an autoimmune diagnosis. Shelley took it upon herself to learn to listen to the screams and whispers of her body and heal using the power of food. Since then Shelley has continued to practise what she now preaches, whilst learning along the way that happiness is a large part of health. So finding the perfect balance between health and enjoyment is essential. She lives a clean life but still loves dining out regularly especially when an espresso martini is involved.

She believes Freedom Wellness is a support system for all things health and wellness. And says “my mission is to empower & inspire women to heal their mind, body & soul with greater insight into what gives them true balance and wellbeing!”

Find more about Shelley and Freedom Wellness on her website ( and follow her on Facebook and Instagram for loads of yummy recipes (@freedomwellness).

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Freedom Wellness Podcast

Freedom Wellness Podcast is designed to help women live a life full of health, happiness and of course with a little bit of sass. Dr Jess Naughton (Chiropractor) and Shelley McKenzie (Nutritionist) are here to give you the tools you need to girl boss your life and take control. Tune in every week for a sprinkle of inspiration and to hear the people ‘in the know’ interviewed about ways in which you can live your best and healthiest life.

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