Rachel Favilla

Rachel always had a passion for life and found great satisfaction in helping other people. She loves talking, singing (not well, she might add), acting, laughing, writing and running. However, despite her free and happy spirit, when she was 11 years old, she started experiencing waves of anxiety and depression. She lost her laughter, her energy and a lot of weight (off her already slender frame).

By the age of 14, in 2010, it was apparent that something wasn’t right. Rachel went to the doctors and had a few blood tests, not expecting much – maybe some food intolerances and allergies that could explain some niggling health concerns. The test results came back far more serious than anyone had imagined; she had a chronic auto immune disease that had destroyed her liver.

Enter an onslaught of hard-core pharmaceutical drugs to save the day (though they certainly weren’t without their side effects). The result; rapid weight loss, aggressive hives, nausea, insomnia and severe gut dysbiosis.

By 16 Rachel had decided that this was no way to live and educated herself to know better and do better. She changed her diet, recited affirmations, learned to laugh again and started manifesting some big dreams. Her liver healed faster, her medication levels reduced and she finally got her mojo back – it was a massive weight off her shoulders.

These days Rachel is thriving and happy, studying nutritional and dietetic medicine and holds a qualification in health and lifestyle education. Rachel knows what it’s like to lose her inner-spark, youthful innocence and sense of humour. The Healthy Exception is Rachel’s way of empowering the younger generation to take charge of their lives and their health in a fun, playful, optimistic and energetic fashion.

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The Healthy Exception

What happens when a young woman gets sick whilst trying to conform to society’s unnatural and damaging lifestyle? She decides that she’s going to start doing the exact opposite of everyone else around her (and have an absolute ball doing so!).

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