Paul Thompson

Paul Thompson, Podiatrist of 12 years and advocate for a Barefoot lifestyle!

Paul is passionate about teaching you to build a body that supports itself and to increase efficiency and performance, reduce pain and injury, all whilst reducing the need for artificial supports such as orthotics.

Paul’s own personal experience with years in orthotics, injuries, and increasing pain through day-to-day activites, has lead him to successfully seek a better way of moving.
As well as being a qualified Podiatrist, Paul is also a certified Barefoot Trainer, Functional Movement Specialist and a qualified Pilates Instructor. He has been trained in dry needling techniques and mobilisation techniques, so I guess you could say he understands a thing or two about human walking patterns, foot posture and how to help you achieve functional barefoot greatness.

Podcast Shows

The Barefoot Movement Podcast

The barefoot movement podcast is dedicated to empowering you, to take control of your body, helping to support yourself naturally from the ground up. Join Paul Thompson - The Barefoot Podiatrist fortnightly as he explores through his and his guests expertise and experiences , how you too can live a Barefoot Lifestyle to reduce pain and improve performance.

Recent Episodes

The Barefoot Movement Podcast
Episode 2
}49 Minutes

The Barefoot Movement Podcast
Episode 1
}14 Minutes