Kim Forrester

Kim Forrester is a mother, nature lover, global traveller, holistic wellbeing advocate and kindness enthusiast. As an award-winning author, educator and intuitive consultant, she combines cutting edge science with spiritual philosophy to inspire holistic wellbeing, psi awareness and fullness of living. Born in New Zealand, Kim has lived all over the world and currently resides in Singapore. She has featured in media throughout Australia, New Zealand, Asia and the USA, and has been a regular contributor for publications such as, Thrive Global and Expat Living Singapore. Her first book, Infinite Mind, explores the science behind intriguing and true psychic experiences and was awarded a Silver Medal in the global 2016 Living Now Book Awards.

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Eudaemonia is a classical Greek word best defined as "human flourishing". It is central to the virtue ethics of Aristotle and essentially calls for us to strive for a "good life".

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