Kim Fenton

Kim completed a Bachelor of Science, with honours in genetics, followed by a PhD in medical genetics. After many years in scientific and medical research, Kim moved into a career in the pharmaceutical industry for 12 years.

After gaining years of professional experience managing people and teams, Kim was inspired to start her own business in professional training and coaching, with a focus on leadership, management, and positive psychology in adults, and later, positive mindset and motivation in children.

Kim has taken her experience in a number of different industries into the education sector, for the past five years, where she now heads Commercial Operations for a national childcare organisation.

After growing up in Melbourne, Kim spent 14 years living in Sydney. She’s recently relocated back to Melbourne balancing full time work with raising her two primary school aged children. Kim enjoys catching up with friends, staying healthy though yoga and pilates, and is embracing her creative side learning to draw and paint.

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