Kerry Dover

Kerry D was destined to be a marketer from the moment she came top of the class in a project to create and ‘launch’ a new brand.

Despite a brief lapse of judgement when she thought she might be a journalist, she went on to work on a variety of brands including the AFL and NRL and was involved in organising large music festivals.

But, it was the chance meeting of an Aussie sailor on Anzac Day whilst travelling around Australia that changed the course of her corporate career days. When her husband announced he was being posted to the South Coast she cried for a week claiming her career was over.

Little did she know it was only the beginning, having gone on to run a marketing agency, deliver workshops across Australia, develop online programs, run a blog and now launch the Momentum Architects…

By doubling down on her superpowers she’s now got the best of both worlds with a successful business and the lifestyle of coastal living – oh and did we mention she’s currently traveling the world for 6 months!?

How does she do it all?…by understanding how the right mindset coupled with knowing your unique superpowers really is the key to unlocking huge momentum and achievement in your life.

Podcast Shows

Momentum Architects

A podcast dedicated to inspiring global change through individual momentum. The Momentum Architects podcast features bite-sized business tips, tools, techniques covering all aspects of mindset, marketing, process hacking and how to maximise productivity.

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