Julie Tenner

Julie Tenner is a mother of three and has practiced as a Naturopath and Doula for over 10 years. Julie is an insightful and well-regarded practitioner specialising in women’s and children’s health care, has lectured at university and continues to facilitate women’s circles and discussion groups. Julie has an abundance of experience and wisdom regarding issues affecting women and mothers today. Her focus is on women peeling back the layers of their own experiences and belief systems, to become the most magnificent, connected and authentic women and mothers they can be.

Podcast Shows

Nourishing The Mother

Discussing the layers of being a mother today, where we have come from and where we want to go. Learn tools to connect with yourself, offer compassion to those parts we’d rather deny and get back in love with motherhood and who you are as a feminine woman.

Recent Episodes

Nourishing The Mother
Episode 160
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Nourishing The Mother
Episode 159
10, Jul, 2018
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Nourishing The Mother
Episode 156
19, Jun, 2018
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Nourishing The Mother
Episode 155
12, Jun, 2018
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