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GVP 7: The Power Of Herbs To Beating Coughs, Colds & The Winter Blues with Victor Tuballa

Episode 7
01, Jun, 2018
}32 Minutes

Show Notes

Today we’re talking COUGHS, COLDS, FLU’s, SORE THROATS and beating the winter blues in general … and all the symptoms that we associate with WINTER!

Joining me on the line today is a doyen of health and wellness … Victor Tuballa is a qualified Naturopath, Medical Herbalist and Homeopath based in Sydney. If that wasn’t enough he’s also in the midst of a Bachelor of Exercise and Sports Science form Charles Sturt University whilst juggling his role as an educator with Thompson’s Health.

On this episode you’ll learn about the power of myrrh, ivy leaf, calendula, sage, clove oil and more herbs to help at this time of year.


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