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GVP 12: Pure Omegas & Healthy Fats with Steph Lowe

Episode 12
01, Dec, 2018
}18 Minutes

Show Notes

This episode is all about fats – Omega Fatty Acids and who better to talk to than one of Australia’s top nutritionists.

Steph Lowe is the Resident Nutritionist at Melrose Health

The Founder of The Natural Nutritionist and the podcast host of The Real Food Reel

She is the Author of The Real Food Athlete & the brand new Low Carb Healthy Fat Nutrition.

In this episode we cover off –

What Are Omega Fatty Acids?

Why do we need them?

Does the body make them?

Where in our diet do we get them?

We also discuss the topics of sustainability and the value of straight oil over caps.

We briefly go through the Melrose Health Focus Chart, which allows you to know which type of oils are best for you.

And remember, make sure you head in to your local Go Vita store to pick up all your Melrose Health products.

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